Flexibility, Value & Know-how

It is estimated that 3 out of 5 litigants now routinely appear in court without a lawyer. Reflective of this trend, we have noted a marked increase in the number of people contacting us for legal advice but intending to represent themselves. Sometimes this preference is driven by economic considerations. Sometimes it arises from a “do-it-yourself” philosophy.

Regardless of whether a traditional attorney-client relationship is outside your budget or simply not your style, Kahen & Wilbrandt can help. We offer a number of DIY options for the self-represented litigant to help you navigate the legal process, understand the particular issues in your case and evaluate the options and decisions before you. Available services include attorney consultations; preparation and/or review of, pleadings, motions, agreements and other legal documents associated with your case; as well as personal “coaching” to help you organize and prepare for hearings, trials, settlement negotiations and mediation. As with any DIY project, the amount of professional assistance you receive is entirely your decision, based upon your preferences and budget.

We also provide mediation services designed to facilitate the out-of-court resolution of legal issues. Our DIY options include:

Attorney Consultations

At Kahen & Wilbrandt, all prospective clients (except those seeking mediation services) are asked to schedule an initial client consultation before retaining the services of our firm. The focus of the consultation is you and the issues which you bring to our office. We do not waste your time “selling” you on our services. During […]

Mediation Packages

Mediation is an informal and confidential resolution process conducted by a neutral third party (the mediator). Mediators facilitate communication and negotiation between parties with the end goal of helping them reach a voluntary settlement of all or some of the issues in dispute. At Kahen & Wilbrandt, both parties meet with an attorney-mediator at our […]

Unbundled Legal Services

When DIY is more your style and/or full representation is “outside” your budget, an unbundled arrangement (sometimes referred to as “limited scope” representation) may be the best compromise. Unbundled services can include: Ghostwriting letters or court pleadings Second opinions before signing off on a proposed separation agreement/parenting plan Coaching to bolster confidence before attending mediation, […]